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Travis Terry est un flûtiste traditionnel renommé aux Etats-Unis. Il appartient à la Nation Pima, située au sud de l’Arizona. Il réside aujourd'hui dans le Canyon de Chelly, à Chinle dans le no...rd de l’Arizona. Travis est un musicien autodidacte dont l’inspiration et la passion pour la flûte traditionnelle amérindienne sont venues en écoutant son ami, R. Carlos Nakai, qu’il a connu il y a de nombreuses années aupravant. Aujourd’hui, Travis se fait porteur de la tradition des anciennes civilisations amérindiennes en jouant de sa flûte, accompagné du chant mystérieux des canyons aux échos retentissants.

Travis Terry
Echoes of the Canyon Wall

Echoes of the Wall (Db flute A) 3:57
From the Heart (Kestrel flute B) 2:43
Little Tonka s Dance (Db flute D) 1:54
The Ancient Ones 3:06
Weavers of Life 2:33
Soaring Eagles 4:17
Grandmother s Love (Bass flute E) 2:32
Flute Talk 3:16
Wisdom and Tears (Bass flute D) 2:54
Grandfather and Tonka Talks 3:01
A Love Song (flute F#) 3:12
New Friends (Bass flutes E) 3:38
HIS Love (flute A) 3:36
Echoes of the Wall - reprise (Db flute A) 2:01

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Travis Terry
Canyon Shadows

Canyon Shadows 4:00
Tonka's Journey 3:43
Talking Walls 3:28
Honoring Women 3:25
Happy Heart 4:15
Grandmother's Lullaby 3:20
Sacred Ground 4:54
Tseyi Relations 5:13
Desert Moon 3:12
Native Warriors 4:14
High Spirits 3:15
Sacred Path 4:01
Refrain 2:40

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Life, Love & Nature

1. Bright Season
2. Walk Between the Rain Drops
3. Flying Eagle
4. Wind from the West
5. Rising Sun, Setting Moon
6. Ancient One
7. Crescent Moon in the Desert
8. Canyon Echo
9. Endless Journey
10. Dawn
11. Red Moon
12. Morning Mist
13. New Beginning
14. Rainbow Shower from Heaven
15. And Life Goes On

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"Naomi Littletree a grandi en pleine nature, dans une grande ferme entourée d'animaux. Durant toute son enfance, elle a fait l'expérience directe avec son environnement et tout ce qui l'entoure. Elle a appris par elle-même à comprendre les cycles naturels de la vie qui font partie intégrante aujourd'hui de son quotidien et de sa vision du monde. Sa connexion, ce lien indissociable qui la relie avec les arbres, les fleurs, les animaux et toute la Création est représenté dans chacune de ses compositions...Laissez vous partir..."

John Bear
Pure Passion

Special appearances & back up instrumental by Odell Borg and
Zach Farley

Life Transitions (flute high D) 4:20
New Lifetime (flute F#) 3:45
Water Bird (flute F#) 3:18
Woodland Song (flute B) 3:34
Grandmother Song (flute E) 3:17
Little Brother (flute D) 3:01
Grandfather's Teaching (flute A) 2:25
Great Mountain Range (flute F#) 4:06
Wolf Pup Playing Song (flute G) 2:42
Bear Cub Song (flute E) 2:36
Us Guys (flute F#) 2:38
My Daughter's Birth Song (flute F#) 2:39
Horse Buggy Ride (flute F#) 3:57
My Son's Birth Song (flute A) 2:56
Walk in the Woods (flute C) 3:03
New Day Praying Song (flute F#) 2:59

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Pure Passion CD - John Bear's life experience is filled with the challenges of many Native Americans who have had to adapt and make sense of their lives in modern culture. His Grandparents teachings have given him the strength to find a positive role by blending traditional Native values and contemporary reality.
John is of Choctaw / Apache heritage and was taught to play the flute at an early age and used the Native flute to carry him through the many transitions in adult life. His many challenges have motivated John to participate in Pow-wow committees, as well as serving in drug & alcohol programs, playing the flute & teaching positive life practices.

FLUTE MEDICINE. A healing journey with the EarthTone Flutes 432Hz
Jan Michael Looking Wolf 

1. Berdi's Harmony - D
2. Raven Wind - G
3. Jewel in the Lotus - F sharp
4. Pranaya - C
5. One Love - B
6. Flute is the Medicine F
7. Sacred Rain - G
8. Wolf Totem - E
Earthtone - B
10. Healing Light - F sharp
11. Daru's Journey - C

Extrait : 

La Médecine de la Flûte, par Jan Michael Looking Wolf, membre de la nation Kalapuya des Tribues confédérées de la communauté de Grand Ronde dans l’ouest de l’Oregon.
Depuis des temps immémoriaux, l’homme a toujours utilisé les sons et la musique comme médecine de guérison pour rétablir l’harmonie.
Nous vous invitons à vous laisser immerger dans ces mélodies douces et régénératrices, de flûtes traditionnelles amérindiennes jouées par Jan Michael, dont il dédie la plus grande partie de sa vie au partage de cette médecine du cœur et de l’âme.
Les flûtes et instruments d’accompagnement figurant sur cet enregistrement  sont accordés sur la fréquence de 432Hz – la fréquence de la Nature. Chaque mélodie est un voyage en soi qui emportera l’auditeur dans une profonde méditation, porteuse de guérison, d’amour et de paix intérieure.

Jan Michael Looking Wolf
Message From the Sun

1. Breath Giver
2. Canyon Voices
3. The Temple
4. Cavern Spirits
5. Fire Dancer
6. Two Eagles
7. It’s All in the Journey
8. Grace
9. Free Traveler
10. Diversity’s Beauty
11. River at Moonlight
12. We are All Related

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Jan Michael Looking Wolf, Native American Music Awards winner for both "Artist and Flutist of the Year", is widely recognized as a modern master of the Native American flute. Going back to his roots he has combined his flute playing skills with a mix of world percussion that together make "Message from the Sun" a musical work of art.
Jan a Kalapuya Tribal Member dedicates his music and humanitarian efforts to send a clear message of hope and unity for all people. With "Message From The Sun" he has gone back to his traditional Native American flute roots creating songs of harmony, peace and universal oneness.

Jan Michael Looking Wolf
Wind Dreamer

1. Wind Dreamer (Key of Mid & High F#)
2. Forgiveness (Key of G)
3. Dancin' in the Light (Key of C)
4. Journey (Key of A)
5. Fire-n-Water (Key of Mid & High F#)
6. One Heart (Key of G)
7. Breaking Free (Key of Mid & High F#)
8. Phoenix Sky (Key of G)
9. The Gift (Key of F#)
10. Touched by the Wind (Key of A)  

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Jan Michael Looking Wolf is a Kalapuya tribal member. As a Native American Flute recording artist he has recorded and released 18 CD projects which have contributed to honoring him with several music awards including four prestigious Native American Music Awards (NAMMY's).

Jan Looking Wolf

1. Tamanawas - Gardian Spirits (G)
2. Courting Song (Key of Bb)
3. One Tribe (Key of E)
4. Earth Heart (key of F#)
5. Moon Lullaby (Key of B)
6. Two Hawks (Key of A)
7. Ancestor's Hope (Key of G)
8. Sunny Meadow (Key of A)
9. Nick's Honor Song (Key of A)
10. Dancing Raven (Key of D)
11. Round Dance (Key of E)
12. Fire and Water (Key of G)
13. Vétérans Tribute (Key of G)
14. Remembering Our Past (Traditional Drum) Bobby Mercier, vocals

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On Tamanawas, awards winning flutist Jan Looking Wolf Reibach combines haunting Native American flute melodies with the indigenous rhythms of the Pacific Northwest to tell the story of the guardian spirit, Tamanawas.

The expressive flute solos with tribal pow-wow drums and rattles paint a portrait of his culture’s connection to the guardian spirit, a connection that pulses through a tearful history and arises in the melodies of Tamanawas.

Zach Farley
Southern Migration

1. Southern Migration 5:18 - F#
2. Deer Hunting Song 3:08 - B
3. Days in the Sun 3:04 - A
4. Song Bird 3:18 - C
5. Snake Dance 4:33 - G
6. Sea of Clouds 4:34 - E
7. The Grace of Gold 4:03 - G
8. Change of Seasons 2:54 - A
9. Easing Into the Day 4:56 - G
10. New Moon 4:14 - A
11. Far Away 5:06 - D
12. Sunshine Road 2:56 - F#
13. The Raven 4:58 - F#

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Zach Farley’s newest CD project, Southern Migration, is filled with sweet melodies you will instantly love. The project was inspired by the extraordinary migratory journey of the Sand Hill Cranes. These large majestic birds migrate thousands of miles each year and along the way they stop to dance on the plains of southern Arizona just east of Zach’s hometown.

“For years my wife and I have visited the plains just east of Patagonia, AZ, to see the migration of the Sand Hill Cranes. It was while watching these beautiful birds dance that the title Southern Migration came to me. Every time I see them I am overwhelmed with feelings of majesty and grace; I created this music project to inspire those same feelings in others.”

From beginning to end Southern Migration is a journey filled with inspirational melodies you will be sure to love.

Harry Seavey
The Messenger

1. Spirit's Breath 8:57 - G
2. Kachina Moon 4:13 - B
3. Daybreak at the Monuments 2:15 - F#
4. Glacier Eagles 3:33 - A
5. Waterfall in the Desert 3:03 - A
6. Flute Talk 3:16 - F#
7. Sonoran Sunrise 2:32 - D
8. New Dawn 3:22 G#
9. Coming Home 3:30 - G
10. Mohican Renegade 3:23 - F#
11. A Walk with Red Crow 3:11 - F#
12. Love Renewed 5:21 - A
13. River of Life 4:07 - A
14. At the End of the Day 5:33 - C
15. For the Ancient Ones 3:49 - G - Drone Flute

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"The Messenger" is a tranquil collection of original songs by acclaimed Native Flute player, Harry Seavey. Harry's reverence for the hawk inspired him to name his CD after this Messenger Spirit of the sky. Meditative and soulful, these songs remind us of our connection to our inner world and pull us into the serenity and calm that fills us when we listen to our hearts.

Harry Seavey was introduced to the Native Flute in 1998. Since then he has dedicated his life to performing and spreading the joy of music by teaching people how to play the Native Flute.